When it comes to designing project bikes and graphics, we always wanted to make something that didn't look like every other race bike. We love racing as much as the next person but that doesn't mean we all want to look like another Supercross racer, especially when I'm in the mountains on my bike.

The Wilderness graphics are exactly that. A sticker kit designed to make you stand out from the crowd, the be clean and beautiful. Our stickers are high quality vinyl laminated in super tough, industry standard durable material and available in a gloss or matte finish.

We all love the look of the matte finish, however the laminate isn't available as thick as the gloss. If you're trail riding, or out adventuring in the mountains and not bush bashing daily it's perfectly durable but if you're into a lot of single track, doing more enthusiastic enduro riding or hard on stickers go for the gloss!


Notes on Graphics Kits:

These graphics kits are MX style and not a vinyl 'car' style wrap. This means there are small gaps around the edge of the stickers where the underlying plastics colour can be seen. In general we match the graphics kit to the base bike, but for the 890 ADV R the colour scheme can be quite limited. 

This means for the best look, you may need to change the colour of the plastics. Darker grey are available from KTM. Alternatively a base vinyl wrap or plastic pray paint could be used for the same effect. Painting is surprisingly effective if performed with good prep. 

The bike shown in our photos and renderings is just one representation. While we try to use 3D renders for the most realistic look, it isn't always possible.

Your bike may look different and have different color body work and aftermarket parts. What year your bike is, where it was sold and what you have done to it with aftermarket modifications can change the outcome of this graphics kit on your bike. Your bike may or may not look different than the images we have provided.

This product typical takes around 7 days to print and ship. We print to order and this does come with some limitations. We are subject to bottle necks at the printers, material issues and others. The upside is a massive reduction is waste and stress. 

Customer Reviews

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Colin B
High Quality and Beautiful

Very, very, very happy with these graphics. Ever since I purchased my new 890 R, I've been watching all of the graphics companies to see what's available, and for the most part they are all plastered with brands and company logos. I suppose that's good for sponsored racers, but that's not me. I'm a backcountry explorer, and a trail rider who wants to discover new sights. Brake Magazine graphics are purposefully designed to match the look and feel of each motorcycle, and to instill a feeling of adventure and possibility. And these 890 R graphics do that wonderfully. I ride on Vancouver Island, Canada and these graphics perfectly match the type of riding I do and the location I do it - on the trails, in the woods, up to the peak of mountains, all day until sunset. The design is exactly what I wanted, and I really appreciate that Brake Magazine gave me a version without any logos (except for a few tasteful ones that add to the look).

I've purchased graphics for other bikes in the past. They were very thin, it was a pain getting all of the bubbles out, and often weeks later I would still find a few new bubbles appearing. I was honestly surprised at the quality of these graphics. They are THICK! I had no issues at all applying them to my bike. And because of how thick they were, I didn't really need a squeegee for bubbles because I could just push the sticker on bit by bit using my hand; almost no bubbles needed to be dealt with. On some of the tight bends, I used a heat gun just to be sure, and the entire process was very easy. The print quality is also exceptional: gorgeous looking glossy colours with clearly defined lines and smooth transitions.

I cannot stress enough how impressed I am with the design and overall quality of these graphics. Thank you so much!

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